We hereby wish to inform you that, as required under Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), your personal data are to be processed by the office of Ing. Zbyněk Chmelař, the tax advisor, a license number granted by the Chamber of Tax Advisors ČR 3200, having its registered office in Dolnice 1645/9, 621 00 Brno, the office address at Zahradnická 223/6, 603 00 Brno, +420776712623, zbynek.chmelar@lazenskysvihak.cz (“Controller”). We process and keep the personal data of individuals for the purposes of providing our services to these individuals and/or their employers/next of kin on the grounds set forth by special legal regulations in respect of such provided services and/or on the grounds of our legitimate interest (such as finding solutions for any damages and insured events, complaints made under warranty, proving that the Anti-Money Loundering Act requirements were met, etc.). Beside the data required in order to provide these services, we will also use the email address and the mobile number that are deemed to be the means of communication how the tax advisor may immediately contact the client.

The data are kept in a hard and/or soft copy and are protected in an appropriate manner as per their nature. The information systems where the data are processed are set up in compliance with the requirements set for the personal data protection. In most cases, the processed data are subject to the confidentiality duty as defined under special legal regulations. The personal data are processed to the extent required for these purposes. The personal data could be used by selected employees, and also by external contractors cooperating in the area of law, taxes, accounting and information technology. With these contractors, the tax advisor will always enter into a personal data processing agreement.

The periods set for the archiving purposes are different based on the legal grounds of keeping the personal data (the personal data will be kept over the entire period of time when the contractual relation exists and, in addition, for at least 11 years after the contractual relation is terminated). After the lapse of the periods set for the archiving purposes, the personal data will be made anonymous or deleted.

In each individual case, the information kept about the external contractors and the method how the personal data will be treated after the lapse of the periods set for the archiving purposes will be notified to an authorised person that will be contacted at the email addressed specified above. Over the entire period of time when the personal data are kept and archived, you have a right to be informed how the personal data are processed, you have a right of access to these personal data and you may request these personal data to be updated (corrected).

If you do not provide your personal data, in most cases, we would be unable to provide you with our services and this may result in certain negative legal and financial consequences for the personal data subject and/or its employer/next of kin.

If the personal data subject does not agree with the method or extent of the processing of its personal data, it may contact the regulatory body, the Office for Personal Data Protection (www.uoou.cz) and lodge a complaint.